Backing Up the Repository (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


When you back up the component database, you should also back up the repositories that are used with that version of the component database. You can back up the repository folders to a network location, another folder on your computer, or to large capacity removable media. The repositories can be very large, so if you are storing them on removable media, the backup may span multiple discs.

In addition to the following procedure, you can easily back up your repository by using Windows Explorer or the command prompt to copy the repository folders to a different location.

  1. Locate your repository folders.

    For example, D:\Windows Embedded Data\Repositories.

  2. Open a backup utility. For example, in Windows XP Professional, click Start, choose All Programs, choose Accessories, choose System Tools, and then choose Backup.

    You can also use other third-party backup utilities. These are frequently included with backup hardware or removable storage devices.

  3. Follow the instructions that are provided on screen or in your backup utility's documentation to back up the folders in the Repositories folder.

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