How FBA Works (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


First Boot Agent (FBA) runs during the first boot of the run-time image, after the image is deployed to a device. The following list shows some of the tasks that are performed by FBA:

  • Tasks that are more practical to perform at run time, such as registering a Component Object Model (COM) server
  • Tasks that cannot be performed while a run-time image is being designed or built, such as:
    • Plug and Play device detection and configuration
    • COM registration
    • Security installation
    • Catalog registration
    • Network configuration
    • Dynamic-link library (DLL) registration
    • Profile initialization

You can add tasks to FBA by defining a custom resource in either Component Designer or Target Designer. These include FBA generic commands, FBA DLL/COM registration, RunOnce requests, application shortcuts, and populating the registry with service data and PnP device IDs.

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