Browse and Select a .NET Type Dialog Box (Legacy)


This topic describes how use the Browse and Select a .NET Type dialog box in the legacy Windows Workflow Designer. Use the legacy Workflow Designer when you need to target either the .NET Framework version 3.5 or the WinFX.

In the Properties window, when you select properties that take a .NET Framework type in a referenced assembly, an ellipses […] appears at the end of the property's text box. Clicking the […] opens the Browse and Select a .NET Type dialog box. In this dialog box, you can pick a type from a tree view of the referenced assemblies. For example, when you are using the Activity Designer, in the Properties window, click the Base Class ellipses […] to select another base class for an activity from the Referenced Assemblies tree.

The following table describes the user interface (UI) elements of the Browse and Select a .NET Type dialog box.

UI ElementDescription
Type Name:The name of the currently selected type.
TypeLeft pane displays a tree view of the Referenced Assemblies. Right pane displays the types available for the selection from the Referenced Assembly selected in the left pane.

Using the Legacy Activity Designer