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Creating a Diagram

When you start VPL for the first time, or if you choose New from the File menu, VPL displays a new diagram for you. You can then drag and drop (or double-click) items from the Basic Activities or Services toolboxes to place on your new diagram.

If an activity or service has values you can set, you can typically change them by selecting the block (by clicking it) and those values can be set or changed on the Properties window. For example, to the name of a service you put on the diagram, selected it and then type its new name into the Name field in the Properties toolbox. Some pre-built activities (for example Data, Variable, If, Switch, Calculate, and Comment) allow you to set values directly on the block.

If you drag a service from the Services toolbox that already exists in the diagram, you are asked whether you want to create a new instance of the service or create a reference to the existing service already in the diagram.

To create a dataflow connection from one activity or service to another, simply drag from the response or notification pin on block to an input connection pin of another block. In some cases, a service may offer multiple connections so you will be prompted for the message and the data to transfer through the message. For more information, see Connecting Activities.

Saving Your Diagram

You can save the edits on your diagram, by choosing the Save command on the File menu. This command actually saves all unsaved changes in all diagrams and configuration files for your project (listed in your Project window). You can also use the Save As command to save your project under a different name.

Loading a Diagram

You can load a diagram (or more specifically the project that contains your diagram) using the Open command on the File menu. This will replace any existing diagrams you have open. If you have unsaved edits in the existing diagram(s), you will first be asked if you want to save those changes. VPL also keeps track of your most recently saved projects and allows you to select them by name from the Recent Projects command on the File menu.

Printing Your Diagram

You can print your diagram(s) by select the Print command on the File menu. A Print dialog allows you to choose the Printer and printing options.

Exiting VPL

You can quit VPL by selecting the Exit command on the File menu. If you have unsaved edits to your diagram(s), you will be asked if you wish to save those changes.

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