AddInStore.Update Method (PipelineStoreLocation)


Updates the pipeline segments cache with new segments at the location specified by a PipelineStoreLocation value.

Namespace:   System.AddIn.Hosting
Assembly:  System.AddIn (in System.AddIn.dll)

Public Shared Function Update (
	location As PipelineStoreLocation
) As String()


Type: System.AddIn.Hosting.PipelineStoreLocation

One of the enumeration values.

Currently the only value in this enumeration is the directory as specified by the AppDomainSetup.ApplicationBase property that was used to set up the host's application domain.

Return Value

Type: System.String()

A collection of strings that describe warnings as the pipeline segments are evaluated.

Exception Condition

A segment directory is missing from the pipeline directory structure.


There is an access violation to the pipeline directory structure.


location is an invalid PipelineStoreLocation value.

Use this method overload to enable a partially trusted host, which may not have permission to discover its own location, to discover add-ins in its own directory.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.5
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