Basic Robotics Tutorials Overview

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Basic Robotics Tutorials Overview

The basic robotics tutorials help you getting started writing the very first service for a robot. The tutorials take the programmer from getting input from a single sensor to control an actuator to being able to write a, drive-by-wire, application where the robot will move around.

Robotics Tutorial 1 - Accessing a Service

Understanding how to use services is a key to the Decentralized Software Services programming model. This tutorial starts off with how to access a service for a simple sensor.

Robotics Tutorial 2 - Coordinating Services

This tutorial builds on the previous tutorial and shows you how to use the input from a simple sensor and use it to control a motor service.

Robotics Tutorial 3 – Using Abstract Reusable Services

This tutorial describes of a generic drive and contact service that you can apply across a variety of hardware platform and includes a simple wanderer service.

Robotics Tutorial 4 – Drive-By-Wire

This tutorial covers how to build a simple application to use a conventional Windows Forms user interface to control a motor drive service.

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