Windows Live Writer Provider Customization API

Windows Live Writer provides a set of APIs that blog providers can use both to customize both the capabilities of Writer and to add new capabilities to the Writer user interface (UI). Available customizations include:

  • Define the subset of features that are supported by the blog. This enables providers to implement any subset of the core XML-RPC–based blog APIs (MetaWeblog, Movable Type, or WordPress) and have Writer’s UI respect that subset.
  • Provide the correct URL entry points for viewing and managing the blog as well as for editing posts online.
  • Define a custom icon that appears in the Blog Accounts ribbon tab.
  • Define custom buttons that can link to webpages and notify the users of new content and other online activity.
  • Define WYSIWYG editing templates for the active blog theme.

This software development kit (SDK) describes these customization capabilities in detail.