Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Services Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Services namespace provides various services that allow clients to control the data connection by creating a new connection, or by providing a custom connection UI control, or by taking other actions. Furthermore, clients can have access to the data object mappings between the data source–specific metadata objects and the generic metadata. Also, this namespace contains services that define the hierarchical relationships between nodes in the data view. Note that, in addition to services, there are several interfaces that represent entities implemented internally as classes in DDEX, like for instance the IVsDataExplorerNode.

As part of the DDEX architecture, services are designed to consume support entities, which are defined in the Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Services.SupportEntities namespace. For instance, the IVsDataConnectionDialog service uses the IVsDataConnectionUIControl support entity, which allows the addition of a custom UI control for connection properties.

Public classDataConnectionMessageReceivedEventArgsEncapsulates the event data for the MessageReceived event for a data connection.
Public classDataConnectionOpenCanceledExceptionRepresents the exception thrown when a data connection open call is canceled.
Public classDataConnectionStateChangedEventArgsEncapsulates event data for the StateChanged event for a data connection.
Public classDataExplorerNodeEventArgsEncapsulates the event data for the following events: NodeInserted, NodeChanged, NodeRemoving, and NodeExpandedOrRefreshed.
Public classDataMappedObjectTypeAttributeSpecifies that an interface or class represents a mapped object type. A mapped object type is an API that exposes a strongly-typed view of a particular underlying data source–specific object.
Public classDataObjectAddedEventArgsEncapsulates event data for the ObjectAdded event.
Public classDataObjectChangedEventArgsEncapsulates event data for the ObjectChanged event.
Public classDataObjectDeletedEventArgsEncapsulates event data for the ObjectDeleted event.
Public classDataObjectEventArgsRepresents the base class for the following other classes that contain data object event data: DataObjectAddedEventArgs, DataObjectChangedEventArgs, and DataObjectDeletedEventArgs.
Public classDataProtectionRepresents the ability to encrypt and decrypt strings by using the Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI).

Public interfaceIVsDataConnectionRepresents the interface for a data connection.
Public interfaceIVsDataConnectionDialogProvides access to the Add Connection dialog box, with which you can obtain data connection information from users.
Public interfaceIVsDataConnectionDialogFactoryRepresents the interface that provides the ability to create an instance of the IVsDataConnectionDialog class.
Public interfaceIVsDataConnectionEventsRepresents basic events for a data connection.
Public interfaceIVsDataConnectionFactoryProvides the ability to create stand-alone instances of the IVsDataConnection class.
Public interfaceIVsDataConnectionManagerRepresents a shared set of data connection objects that are created on demand and managed by Visual Studio.
Public interfaceIVsDataExplorerChildNodeCollectionRepresents the collection of connection node objects in Server Explorer in Visual Studio.
Public interfaceIVsDataExplorerConnectionRepresents a connection that exists in the Visual Studio Server Explorer.
Public interfaceIVsDataExplorerConnectionManagerProvides the ability to perform common tasks with data connections in Server Explorer, such as adding, removing, or finding a connection, among others.
Public interfaceIVsDataExplorerNodeRepresents any node in the Visual Studio Server Explorer that appears as a child to the Data Connections node.
Public interfaceIVsDataExplorerNodeSelectionRepresents a group of currently selected nodes in the Visual Studio Server Explorer, together with a set of properties and actions.
Public interfaceIVsDataMappedObjectRepresents a well-known concept for use by a generic designer.
Public interfaceIVsDataMappedObjectCallMapperConversionStepRepresents a call mapper conversion step for a data object support mapped type.
Public interfaceIVsDataMappedObjectConversionRepresents a conversion for a data object support mapped type and contains the conversion steps needed to convert a data source–specific object to a mapped object.
Public interfaceIVsDataMappedObjectConversionStepRepresents a conversion step for a data object support mapped type.
Public interfaceIVsDataMappedObjectSelectionRepresents the Selection XML tag corresponding to this mapped type in the data object support XML file.
Public interfaceIVsDataMappedObjectSelectorRepresents a selector of mapped objects.
Public interfaceIVsDataMappedObjectSubstitutionValueRepresents a substitution value for a data object support mapped type.
Public interfaceIVsDataMappedObjectTypeRepresents a data object support mapped type, that is, the generic type that is converted from the underlying data source–specific types.
Public interfaceIVsDataMappedObjectTypeMemberRepresents a member of a data object support mapped type.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectRepresents a data object.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectChangeEventsRepresents a set of events that are raised when data objects are added to, changed in, or deleted from a data source.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectChangeEventsBrokerRepresents the ability to raise events when data objects are added, changed, or deleted on a data source.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectCollectionRepresents a collection of data objects that are selected from an object store.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectIdentifierRepresents the identifier of a data object.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectPropertyDictionaryRepresents the properties of a data object.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectServiceRepresents a service of a data object support type.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectStoreRepresents a store, that is, a cache, of data source–specific data objects.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectSupportModelRepresents the model that describes data object support.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectTypeRepresents a data object support type that is data source specific.
Public interfaceIVsDataObjectTypeMemberRepresents a member of a data object support type.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewCommandInfoEncapsulates information that describes a command for a node in Server Explorer.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewCommonNodeInfoEncapsulates properties that are common among different types of nodes; specifically, the connection node (IVsDataViewConnectionNodeInfo) and the static and selection nodes (IVsDataViewNodeInfo).
Public interfaceIVsDataViewConnectionNodeInfoEncapsulates properties for a connection node in Server Explorer.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewDisplayNameInfoEncapsulates properties about the display name of a node in Server Explorer.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewIconInfoEncapsulates properties of a node icon in Server Explorer.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewInfoProvides information about a data view.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewMemberInfoRepresents information about a member of a data view that is associated with a data connection in Server Explorer.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewNodeInfoEncapsulates properties of a static or selection node in Server Explorer.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewPropertyInfoRepresents information about a node property in Server Explorer.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewSelectionInfoEncapsulates properties of a selection of nodes in Server Explorer.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewSelectionNodeInfoEncapsulates properties of a selection node in Server Explorer.
Public interfaceIVsDataViewSupportModelRepresents the model that describes data view support.

Public delegateDataConnectionDialogFilterCallbackRepresents the method that is called when data sources and providers are being filtered in the data connection dialog box.

Public enumerationDataConnectionStateSpecifies the current state of the data connection.
Public enumerationDataObjectIdentifierFormatSpecifies the type of formatting required for the data object identifier string value. The formatting of the identifier depends on its intended use.

Here are some examples of the above-mentioned services:

A sample of data connection–related services:





A sample of data object support–related services:




A sample of data view support–related services:


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