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Getting Started with the Open XML Format SDK 1.0

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The Open XML Format SDK 1.0 simplifies the task of manipulating OpenXML packages. The Open XML Application Programming Interface (API) encapsulates many common tasks that developers perform on OpenXML packages, so you can perform complex operations with just a few lines of code.

Using the Open XML API is simple. In your project or application, simply add a reference to the DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll. You can download the file from Open XML Format SDK 1.0.

To add a reference to the Open XML API dynamic linked library file, perform the following steps.

To add a reference in a Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 project

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click References and then click Add Reference. If the References node is not visible, click Project and then click Show All Files.

  2. In the Add Reference dialog box, click .NET.

  3. Scroll to the DocumentFormat.OpenXml option, highlight it, and then click OK.

  4. The filename is displayed in the Solution Explorer.