Drawing a Sprite Over a Model

Drawing a Sprite Over a Model

Demonstrates how to draw a sprite so that it obscures a model. In this example, we are drawing an animated sprite representing an explosion over the current screen position of a 3D model.

Complete Sample

The code in this topic shows you the technique. You can download a complete code sample for this topic, including full source code and any additional supporting files required by the sample.

For this sample, the camera is a standard arc ball camera, implemented by camera.cs. The 3D model file is a simple ring, implemented by ring16b.x. The animated explosion sprite is implemented by explosion.dds. These files can be found in the complete sample. See Animating a Sprite for an example of the AnimatedTexture class.

Drawing a Sprite Over a Model

To draw a sprite over a model

  1. In your Update method, handle the input to move your camera, then call UpdateFrame on the AnimatedTexture.

    GamePadState PlayerOne = GamePad.GetState(PlayerIndex.One);
    // Move the camera using thumbsticks
    // Start or stop the animated sprite using buttons
    if (PlayerOne.Buttons.A == ButtonState.Pressed)
    if (PlayerOne.Buttons.B == ButtonState.Pressed)
    // Update the animated sprite
  2. Use CreateMerged to create a BoundingSphere that contains all the BoundingSphere values for each ModelMesh in the Model.

  3. Use Viewport.Project to find the center point of that sphere, which is the center of the model in screen coordinates.

    // Create a total bounding sphere for the mesh
    BoundingSphere totalbounds = new BoundingSphere();
    foreach (ModelMesh mesh in Ring.Meshes)
        totalbounds = BoundingSphere.CreateMerged(totalbounds,
    // Project the center of the 3D object to the screen, and center the
    // sprite there
    Vector3 center = GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Project(totalbounds.Center,
        projectionMatrix, Camera1.ViewMatrix, Matrix.Identity);
    explosionpos.X = center.X;
    explosionpos.Y = center.Y;
  4. Take the BoundingSphere for the model and use it to create a BoundingBox with CreateFromSphere.

  5. Use Project to find the corner of the box farthest from the center and use the return value to scale the sprite appropriately.

    // Create a bounding box from the bounding sphere, 
    // and find the corner that is farthest away from 
    // the center using Project
    BoundingBox extents = BoundingBox.CreateFromSphere(totalbounds);
    float maxdistance = 0;
    float distance;
    Vector3 screencorner;
    foreach (Vector3 corner in extents.GetCorners())
        screencorner = GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Project(corner,
        projectionMatrix, Camera1.ViewMatrix, Matrix.Identity);
        distance = Vector3.Distance(screencorner, center);
        if (distance > maxdistance)
            maxdistance = distance;
    // Scale the sprite using the two points (the sprite is 
    // 75 pixels square)
    explosion.Scale = maxdistance / 75;
  6. In your Draw method, draw the Model normally, and then draw the animated sprite using the position calculated in Update.

    protected override void Draw(GameTime gameTime)
        //Draw the model, a model can have multiple meshes, so loop
        foreach (ModelMesh mesh in Ring.Meshes)
            //This is where the mesh orientation is set, as well as 
            //our camera and projection
            foreach (BasicEffect effect in mesh.Effects)
                effect.World = Matrix.Identity *
                    Matrix.CreateRotationY(RingRotation) *
                effect.View = Camera1.ViewMatrix;
                effect.Projection = projectionMatrix;
            //Draw the mesh, will use the effects set above.
        // Draw the sprite over the 3D object
        //            spriteBatch.Begin(SpriteBlendMode.AlphaBlend,
        //                SpriteSortMode.Deferred, SaveStateMode.SaveState);
        explosion.DrawFrame(spriteBatch, explosionpos);

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