Speaker-Dependent Speech Support

Windows Mobile 6.5

Windows Mobile provides speaker-dependent speech support. The implementation is the same for Windows Mobile Professional, Windows Mobile Standard, and Windows Mobile Classic. Speech support is required on Windows Mobile Standard. Speech support is optional on Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic.

No speaker-dependent speech engine is provided in the Adaptation Kit. You must provide your own or use a third-party product.

Windows Mobile supports the following speech recognition functionality:

  • Hands-free dialing.
  • Voice responses to message boxes and wizard screens.
  • Streamlined access to application controls and large lists. This enables a user to speak any item from a list or any command from a large set of commands without navigating through several dialog boxes or menus.

SAPI-Lite is a lightweight wrapper for the speech recognition engine that you can implement to support voice recognition functionality on Windows Mobile Standard.

Speech Support Overview

Provides information about the speech support components for Windows Mobile devices.

Customizable Talk button

Provides information about customizing the Talk button for Windows Mobile.

Best Practices for Enabling Voice Recognition

Describes best practices for enabling voice recognition.

SAPI-Lite Implementation Considerations

Provides information about implementing the ISpRecognizerLite interface.

SAPI-Lite Reference

Provides information about the programming elements that are available for use for supporting the speech recognizer functionality.

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