SI and SL Notifications Behavior

Windows Mobile 6.5

When an SI or SL XML file is sent to the Windows Mobile device, the user receives a message in his or her Inbox. From these messages, the user can:

  • Retrieve the new content
  • Install the new content
  • Postpone any actions in relation to the new content
  • Delete the message

For an SI with the action attribute value set to signal-low, the message goes directly to the Inbox and is added to the unread messages count. If the action attribute value is set to signal-high or signal-medium, the user immediately receives an open Inbox message that contains three options: the Retrieve command, the Later command, and the Delete command.

For an SL message with the action attribute set to execute-high or execute-low, the downloaded service is run immediately without getting permission from the user, and no message is sent to the Inbox. If the action attribute is set to cache, the downloaded data is cached and a message (with the same three options) is sent to the Inbox.

For an SL message, a download failure message is generated and sent to the Inbox if the device fails to download the content pointed to by the SL message. If the action attribute of the SL is execute-high, the message is presented to the user immediately; otherwise, the message is sent directly to the Inbox.

The following graphic displays an SI/SL message, they have the same appearance to the user.


You can now configure the behavior of the pop-up message boxes that appear for the low, medium and high priority SI messages by using the following registry key:


The following table shows the values and behavior for this registry key.

Registry Value Name Type Description



When set to 0 or not set, Pop-up message boxes are not displayed for low, medium or high priority SI messages.

When set to any non-zero value, Pop-up message boxes are displayed for low, medium or high priority SI messages.



When set to 1, Pop-up messages are not displayed for medium priority SI messages.

When set to a value other than 1 or not set, Pop-up messages are displayed for medium priority SI messages.

Retrieve Command

For an SI, if the user selects Retrieve, the mobile Internet browser starts and moves to the Web site that has the new content. The user can then download and install the new service or update.

For an SL, if the user selects Retrieve, the installation of the new service or update that was already downloaded into cache is run.

Later Command

Selecting Later leaves the message in the Inbox.

Delete Command

Selecting Delete moves the message to the Deleted Items folder.

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