Windows Mobile 6.5

The SRowSet structure contains an array of SRow structures, each SRow structure describing a row from a table.

struct {
  ULONG cRows; 
  SRow aRow[MAPI_DIM]; 
} SRowSet, FAR *LPSRowSet; 


Count of SRow structures in aRow.


Array of SRow structures, one for each row in the table.

An SRowSet structure is used to describe multiple rows of data from a table. SRowSet structures are used in the IMAPITable interface methods, such as QueryRows, and in the FreeProws function.

Each SPropValue structure in the array pointed to by the lpProps member of each row in the row set must be allocated separately by using MAPIAllocateBuffer. Each property value structure also must be deallocated by using MAPIFreeBuffer prior to the deallocation of its SRowSet structure so that pointers to the allocated SPropValue structures are not lost. A row's allocated memory can then be preserved and reused outside the context of the SRowSet structure.

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