MAPI Constants

Windows Mobile 6.5

This section provides details about the Windows Mobile Messaging API (CE MAPI) constants.

Constant type Description

MAPI Boolean Service Capability Constants

These constants represent capabilities supported by a transport. The messaging application can query the transport for, and set these capabilities.

MAPI Delete Option Constants

These constants indicate the delete options used during synchronization operations. They are used with the kszCapDeleteAction Boolean service capability constant.

MAPI Error Codes

These constants are the error codes that MAPI functions can generate.

MAPI Mail Sync Progress Flags

These constants are combined to form a bitmask that indicates which fields in the SYNCPROGRESSITEM structure contain valid data.

MAPI Mail Sync Request Constants

These constants indicate the type of action performed in a synchronize operation. They are mutually exclusive (that is, cannot be combined with bitwise OR to form a bitmask) and are used in the ffFlags member of the MAILSYNCREQUEST structure.

MAPI Maximum Constants

These constants indicate the maximum number of bytes for MAPI Message Class names.

MAPI Property Data Types

These constants represent the possible types of property values. These are specified in the Value member of the SPropValue structure.

MAPI Service Size Constants

These constants represent the maximum number of supported services, and the maximum size for any one of those services.

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