This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

PageSizingBehavior Property [Visio 2003 SDK Documentation]

Office 2003

Specifies how drawing pages and shapes in the Microsoft Office Visio Drawing Control 2003 react when the control is resized, usually when an existing drawing file is loaded into the control by means of the Src property.

intRet = object.PageSizingBehavior

object.PageSizingBehavior = intVal

intRet    VisPageSizingBehaviors. The current page-resizing behavior.

object    Required. An expression that returns a DrawingControl object.

intVal    Required VisPageSizingBehaviors. The new page-resizing behavior. The default value is visNeverResizePages (0). See Remarks for other possible values.

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Possible values for intRet and intVal are declared in the Visio type library in VisPageSizingBehaviors and shown in the following table.




Does not automatically resize pages under any circumstances. The default.



Automatically resizes all pages when the Visio Drawing Control is resized or when a new document is loaded into it. Leaves shapes unchanged.

You can set the PageSizingBehavior property either at design time (for example, in the Properties window in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0), or at run time, typically in the Form_Load() procedure. It is recommended that you set PageSizingBehavior at design time.

If PageSizingBehavior is set to visResizePages, when a new document is loaded into the Visio Drawing Control, the pages of that document are resized to match the size of the control itself. However, the shapes on those pages neither change size nor move; they retain their existing sizes and their locations relative to the coordinate system of the Visio page, which has its origin in the bottom left corner of the page.

If PageSizingBehavior is set to the default,visNeverResizePages, when a new document is loaded into the Visio Drawing Control, the pages of that document (and the shapes on the page) retain their existing size. In this case, the size of the control in the container application has no relation to the size of the pages it displays; it is simply an open "window" onto the page or pages.