Windows Mobile Ink

Windows Mobile 6.5

Windows Mobile Ink is the ink services platform for Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic. It provides a rich inking experience, through high quality curve–fitted ink with anti-aliasing, transparent ink, and highlighter ink. It provides an API for Ink collection, data management, rendering, and recognition. It also provides Ink controls to support the note–taking scenario.

Windows Mobile Ink also supports full interoperability with Ink data from Tablet PC by using the Ink Serialized Format (ISF) stream. It natively supports the ISF format, both in binary and in base64 encodings. It preserves the properties in the ISF stream that are not supported in Windows Mobile so that they will still work fully on the Tablet PC. For information about the differences between the two APIs, see Differences between Windows Mobile Ink and the Microsoft.Ink API.

Windows Mobile Ink Application Development

Provides conceptual information about application development using Windows Mobile Ink.

Windows Mobile Ink Reference

Provides reference information for the Windows Mobile Ink API.

Windows Mobile Ink Samples

Provide sample code that demonstrates how to use Windows Mobile Ink.

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