Internet Explorer Mobile High DPI

Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft® Internet Explorer Mobile supports landscape screen orientations, square screen orientations, and high dots per inch (DPI) resolution.

High-DPI screens enable more content to fit on the page when users browse the Web. This reduces the need for scrolling and significantly improves the browsing experience. Internet Explorer Mobile uses Windows Mobile high-DPI capabilities.

You may replace the default home page of Internet Explorer Mobile with a customized design. There are no required links or requirements for a custom page. However, optimizing the page to fit with the default resolution and page caching on Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic is recommended.

Pixel Doubling

Describes how to use pixel doubling to support high-DPI devices.

Internet Explorer Mobile Font Scaling

Describes how to control the font size for Internet Explorer Mobile.

Layout Meta Tag

Describes how to enable the Layout menu to enables users to select a custom Internet Explorer Mobile layout.

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