Windows Mobile 6.5

Contains a collection of user-defined IInkStrokes collections.

The custom strokes are essentially named IInkStrokes collections that are persisted and recalled for later use.

You use a collection of custom strokes to store strokes that have the same meaning or that are related in some way. Examples of strokes that you may want to persist include:

  • All the strokes drawn by the same cursor (pen)
  • The strokes in an IInkDisp object that correspond to a word or paragraph
  • All the strokes that intersect a known region

For example, suppose you want to draw with two different cursors and keep separate the set of strokes that you draw with each cursor. You could recognize the strokes drawn with the first cursor and attach an IInkRecognitionResult object to that collection of strokes. To persist the recognition result, add the strokes to the IInkCustomStrokes collection of the IInkDisp object. You can later access the first collection of strokes by getting the persisted IInkCustomStrokes collection from the IInkDisp object.

Each IInkCustomStrokes collection is referenced by name.

IInkCustomStrokes collections are references to ink data, not the actual data itself.

If you define a class that implements this interface, the new class will not interact correctly with the Tablet PC application programming interfaces (APIs).

IInkCustomStrokes Methods

Describes the methods available for the IInkCustomStrokes collection.

IInkCustomStrokes Properties

Describes the Count property.

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