POS for .NET v1.12 SDK Documentation


Microsoft Point of Service for .NET v1.12 is a class library that enables POS developers to apply Microsoft .NET technologies in their products. It provides a simple and consistent interface for.NET Framework applications to interact with POS devices, a set of interfaces and classes created to help Vendors write applications for common devices such as Cash Drawers or Line Displays, and support for Windows Plug and Play functionality. The following documentation can help you use POS for .NET to develop POS applications and Service Objects (SOs) more efficiently, learn more about the benefits of POS for .NET, and achieve better compatibility with POS devices.

Technical Support for POS for .NET

Provides contact information for technical support for POS for .NET.

Copyright Information for POS for .NET v1.12

Provides copyright information about POS for .NET v1.12.


Provides answers to frequently asked questions for POS for .NET.

What's New for POS for .NET

Describes the features introduced in each new version of POS for .NET in the following topics:

POS for .NET v1.12 Features

Provides an in-depth view at POS for .NET, its architecture, and features in the following topics:

Developing a POS Application

Describes the POS for .NET predefined interfaces and classes, how best to use them in your code, and demonstrates suitable procedures for developing POS for .NET code in the following topics:

Developing a Custom Service Object

Discusses the procedures, issues, and conventions for developing custom service objects in the following topics:

POS Device Manager

Describes how WEPOS helps you manage your POS devices in the following topics: