POS for .NET Integration with Plug and Play


POS for .NET leverages Windows Embedded Plug and Play technology specifications to detect peripheral POS devices that are enabled for Plug and Play. Plug and Play support simplifies the installation and maintenance of POS devices.

The POS for .NET PosExplorer class serves as the interface between Plug and Play notifications and POS applications. PosExplorer translates the relevant Plug and Play notifications into POS for .NET events, which it then sends to the POS application.

The PosExplorer class exposes two Plug and Play events for use by POS applications:

  • DeviceAddedEvent
    The DeviceAddedEvent triggers when a POS device is connected to the system.
  • DeviceRemovedEvent
    The DeviceRemovedEvent triggers when a POS device is disconnected from the system.