System Configuration


POS for .NET has several configurable settings which can be adapted to meet the needs of a particular installation. This section explains how to modify the various POS for .NET settings.

POS for .NET Registry Settings

Shows which keys and values are used by POS for .NET and how they can be modified. Basic POS for .NET settings are stored in the Windows Registry.

POS Device Manager Output

Contains details about how to use the configuration file created by the POS Device Manager (POSDM.EXE).

Point of Service Performance Counters

Explains how to use POS for .NET performance counters to monitor your system.

Plug and Play XML Configuration

Demonstrates how POS devices can be associated with a specific Service Object using an XML file instead of assembly attributes.

Service Object Samples: Getting Started

Includes a step-by-step guide to creating a functioning Service Object and demonstrates how the features discussed above are utilized.

POS for .NET Service Object Architecture

Outlines the general concepts of the POS for .NET architecture.