Xbox 360 Programming

The following documents provide detailed information about the capabilities of the Xbox 360 hardware, and list what to consider when programming games for the Xbox 360 platform.

In This Section

Xbox 360 Programming Considerations
Summarizes a few of the issues that XNA Framework programmers should consider when creating Xbox 360 games.
Xbox 360 Device Capabilities
This document enumerates the capabilities of the XNA Xbox 360 graphics device.
Xbox 360 Surface Formats
Lists the render target and depth-stencil surface formats that are available for the Xbox 360.
Predicated Tiling
Describes predicated tiling in Xbox 360 development.In predicated tiling, the commands issued in the Draw method are recorded before execution. The recorded commands, such as DrawPrimitives calls, are then executed for each tile, predicated based on whether the rendered primitives intersect the tile.
HLSL Input Semantics (Xbox 360)
Describes the high-level shader language (HLSL) input semantics available when developing games for Xbox 360.
HLSL Attributes (Xbox 360)
High-level shader language (HLSL) attributes are compiler hints that you can apply in your Xbox 360 shader code.

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