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Custom Windows Classic Home Screen Plug-Ins

Windows Mobile 6.5

The Windows Classic Home screen provides a central place for users to easily view summary and high-priority information on Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic.

This section applies to the Windows Classic Home screen and not the Windows Default Home screen.

Developers can create custom Home screen plug-ins to present key information from their applications. For example, a sales force automation application could present key data about the customers the salesperson is planning to call on that day. The device also automatically times out and returns to the Home screen after a user-configurable period of disuse; the default is four hours.

By default, the Windows Classic Home screen displays applications for Messaging, Calendar, Tasks, and Owner Information. The user can choose whether and in what order these appear on the Home screen.

Writing a Custom Windows Classic Home Screen Plug-in

Provides information about how you can create your own Home screen items for the Windows Classic Home screen.

Windows Classic Home Screen Plug-in Registry Settings

Provides details about the plug-in registry settings for the Windows Classic Home screen.

How to: Install and Register a Custom Windows Classic Home Sceen Plug-in

Provides step-by-step instructions on how to install and register your custom Home screen plug-in

Home Screen Reference (Windows Mobile Professional)

Provides a list of Home screen API members that you can use to implement your own custom Home screen plug-ins.

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