Windows Mobile 6.5
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This function deletes a specified connection request, potentially dropping the physical connection.

HRESULT WINAPI ConnMgrReleaseConnection(
  HANDLE   hConnection,
  LONG     lCache 


[in] Handle to the connection, returned from a call to ConnMgrEstablishConnection.


[in] The number of seconds to cache the connection before disconnection occurs. This parameter accepts values described in the following table.

Value Description

A value greater than 1

The number of seconds to cache the connection before disconnection occurs.


The default cache time value, as specified by the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\ConnMgr\Planner\Settings registry key. The CacheTime registry setting defines the default for nonexclusive connections and the VPNCacheTime registry setting defines the default for exclusive connections.


The connection request is not cached. The disconnection occurs immediately, unless any of the following are true:

Some Windows Mobile devices ignore the specified value of this parameter and instead use the default value (60 seconds).

Returns S_OK if successful or an error code if the function call failed.

Connection Manager does not cache the following types of connections:

  • Suspended connections
  • Disconnected connections
  • Connections without a DestId (that is, when the connection was provisioned using provisioning XML, a DestId was not specified)
  • Fixed path connections (that is, a connection where the destination GUID is set to be an existing network connection that is managed with Connection Manager)

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