Making a Data Call Using Connection Manager

Windows Mobile 6.5

To make a data call, Connection Manager and the data application complete the following steps:

  • The data application requests a connection by calling the ConnMgrEstablishConnectionSync function and specifying the appropriate network connection.
  • Connection Manager passes the request to Connection Planner.
  • Connection Planner determines which connection service providers can be used to satisfy the connection request, weighing the costs of each connection available and those that are currently in use.
  • Connection Planner requests that Connection Manager call the identified connection service providers to establish the connection.
  • The application calls the Connect method in each of the connection service providers that are required to satisfy the request. The connection is now established.
If a connection request is released by a call to ConnMgrReleaseConnection, the connections making up the request will be maintained for the period specified in the CacheTime parameter, unless the connections are in use by other active (nonreleased) connection requests. For a connection to remain permanent, the application must configure it as AlwaysOn. For more information, see Making an AlwaysOn Data Connection.

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