Windows Mobile 6.5

This function will pass the SHIME_MODE value to the IME if the IME is present, or it will pass the SHIME_MODE info to the keyboard driver if the IME is disabled.

    HWND hWnd
    SHIME_MODE nMode


[in] Handle to the window whose IME mode is to be changed. If the window handle is NULL then only keyboard driver will be notified.


[in] It is one of SHIME_MODE values.

Returns S_OK if successful. Any other return value indicates failure.

Drivers for 12-key keyboards will ignore the IME mode since there is only one keyboard state.

An IME that supports a QWERTY keyboard should notify the keyboard driver of the desired IME mode.

Applications that are not IME-aware should call SHSetImeMode to set the IME mode to the desired input mode when they gain focus and should call SHSetImeMode again to set the IME mode to SHIME_MODE_NONE when they lose focus.

If the window handle hWnd is not from caller's process and IME is enabled, both SHSetImeMode and SHGetImeMode will fail.

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