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VoIP Provisioning for Windows Mobile Devices

Windows Mobile 6.5

Provisioning VoIP settings on a Windows Mobile device involves 3 steps:

  1. Create an OMA Client Provisioning (OMA CP) provisioning XML file.
  2. Deliver the provisioning XML file to the device.
  3. Invoke the Configuration Manager, which will call the VoIP Configuration Service Provider to process this provisioning XML file and eventually make.

You can provision a Windows Mobile device to configure the following VoIP settings:

Setting Description


Specifies the available SIP servers.


Specifies the Voice Mail servers


The access number used to retrieve the VoIP voice mail.


Specifies backup SIP server.


Defines a set of dialing rules to convert user dialed strings into a format which is understood by the SIP server.

A VoiP provisioning XML file will have the following format:

   <characteristic type="VoIP">
        <parm name="SIPsettings"  value="SIPSettings Value"/>
        <parm name="VoicemailSettings"  value="VoicemailSettings Value"/>
        <parm name="VoicemailNumber" value="VoicemailNumber Value"/>
        <parm name="BackupSIPsettings" value="BackupSIPSettings Value"/>
        <parm name="DialPlan" value="DialPlan Value"/>

The values for the SIPSettings, VoicemailSettings, BackupSIPSettings, and Dialplan parms are strings containing the specified information in XML format.

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