Chorded FN Button

Windows Mobile 6.5

An accelerator allows the user to activate a menu item when the focus is anywhere in the application. The accelerator is often activated by a key combination, such as CTRL+C for copying.

One of the accelerators, the MENU key, replaces the classic Control key.

The keyboard driver needs to post the following sequence of messages:

  • If the MENU button is pressed, send (VK_CONTROL, down).
  • If the MENU button is released and no chorded keys are detected, send
    1. (VK_CONTROL, up)
    2. (VK_APP, down)
    3. (VK_APP, up)
  • If a generic key K is pressed while the MENU button is down then send (VK_k, down), where VK_k is the associated virtual key.
  • If the key K is released while the MENU button is down, then send (VK_k, up).
  • If the MENU key is released send VK_CONTROL, UP.

Note that not all Windows Mobile devices support accelerator keys, especially devices with 9–key keyboards.

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