Windows Mobile 6.5

The OpenProperty method opens a stream property for a PIM item (for example, a picture). The length (size) of the stream is limited only by the amount of available storage memory.

HRESULT OpenProperty(
    CEPROPID propID,
    DWORD dwMode,
    IStream ** ppStream


[in] The unique Object Identifier (OID) of the stream property to open. For more information, see CeOpenStream (EDB). For information on CEPROPID, see CeOpenStream (EDB).


[in] Bitmask of flags that indicates the stream access mode used to open the stream. The following table shows the values the parameter can take.

Option Description


Read access to the stream.


Write access to the stream.


[out] Reference to the IStream property.

This method returns the standard values HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(GetLastError()), E_INVALIDARG, and S_FAIL, as well as the following:


The method completed successfully.

Streams behave differently depending on whether the item has been saved. You must call IStream::Commit (note the parameter of zero) on the stream before calling IItem::Save on the item. If you do not, then the Item might not be saved. This depends on whether you have previously saved the item.

The following IStream methods return the error value E_NOTIMPL: IStream::LockRegion, IStream::UnlockRegion, IStream::Revert, IStream::Clone, and Stat.

IItem::OpenProperty returns E_ACCESSDENIED if you attempt to open a second stream on the same property, or if you attempt to open a 0-byte stream with only the GENERIC_READ flag set.

The following code example demonstrates how to use OpenProperty.

To make the following code example easier to read, security checking and error handling are not included. This code example should not be used in a release configuration unless it has been modified to include them.
HRESULT OpenPropertyExample(IItem *pItem, LPBYTE pbStore, ULONG cbStore)
    HRESULT hr = E_FAIL;

    IStream  * pStream = NULL;
    ULONG    cbWritten = 0;

    // Write the byte data passed into the body property of the IItem.
    hr = pItem->OpenProperty(propid, GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE, &pStream);
    hr = pStream->Write(pbStore, cbStore, &cbWritten);

    // Commit the stream.
    hr = pStream->Commit(0);

    // Save the stream to the underlying datastore.
    hr = pItem->Save();


    return hr;

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