Registering Customized Messaging Transports

Windows Mobile 6.5

Customized messaging transports require one registry entry that specifies the name for the new message transport, along with the name of the DLL that implements it.

  • Create a new registry key with the following registry key structure. In the key, replace <TransportName> with the name of the new message transport. Use this same name for the value of the "Name" Key Value.

        "Name"          = REG_SZ: "MyTransportName"    // The name of the Transport.
        "DLL"           = REG_SZ: "MyTranport.dll"     // The DLL containing the transport entry point.
        "UserCanCreate" = REG_DWORD: 1                 // An integer that indicates whether users can create new Accounts for this Transport.
    Use of the UserCanCreate key entry is optional. If used and if it has a value of 1, the user can create new accounts using this transport. The transport appears in the Transport Picker in the Service Setup Wizard.

The following code example demonstrates how to register an MMS message transport.

    "Name" = "MyMMS"
    "DLL"  = "MyMMS.dll"

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