Windows Mobile 6.5

This message is sent by an application to inform the HTML control that the image indicated by the cookie could not be loaded. The cookie value is the value referenced by the dwCookiemember of the INLINEIMAGEINFO structure that was sent with the DTM_SETIMAGE message.

  wParam = 0;
  lParam = (LPARAM)(DWORD) dwCookie;


Indicates that the load image that could not be loaded. This value is passed in the dwCookie member of the NM_HTMLVIEW structure when an NM_INLINE_IMAGE notification message is received. This is the same value that was passed in the dwCookie member of the INLINEIMAGEINFO structure when the DTM_SETIMAGE message was sent to the HTML control.

The Image loading icon will be replaced with the broken image icon, and the ALT text will be displayed.

The following example shows how you might use this message.

SendMessage(hWndCtrl, DTM_IMAGEFAIL, 0, ((NM_HTMLVIEW *)lParam)->dwCookie);

Windows MobilePocket PC 2002 and later, Smartphone 2002 and later

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