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Limitations of the object Tag

Windows Mobile 6.5

Internet Explorer Mobile supports Microsoft ActiveX controls and allows for the methods and properties to be scripted. However, the following are limitations compared to the desktop-computer implementation:

  • Controls cannot be installed dynamically
    Windows Mobile does not let you download and install ActiveX controls. However, you can reference ActiveX controls that already reside on a Windows Mobile device with the OBJECT XHTML Element tag in pages. You can also install ActiveX controls on the device by packaging them in a .cab file for installation and make them available on a Web page. A user can then follow the link to download and install the ActiveX controls.
    Internet Explorer Mobile does not include Microsoft Authenticode security to support signed ActiveX controls.
  • The Default menu option does not affect ActiveX controls.
    Even if a user selects Default and resizes the ActiveX control to fit into the screen area, the content of the control is not resized. If you are creating ActiveX controls to be used on Web pages in Internet Explorer Mobile , you must design the client area accordingly.
  • Applications are not supported without a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed.
    Microsoft does not include a JVM with Windows Mobile , and, without a JVM, Internet Explorer Mobile cannot display applications. However, third-party JVMs are available, and some device manufacturers include them with their devices.
  • Newly created ActiveX controls require new information when registered.
    Newly created ActiveX controls require that the threading model for the component be declared as Free or Both when they are registered. In earlier versions of Windows Mobile software, systems ignored this registration setting. However, it is required for Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later versions.
    For a sample that uses Active Template Libraries (ATL) to register ActiveX controls with the system, see the MonthCal ActiveX control in the SDK.

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