Parallax Boe-Bot BASIC Stamp Robot

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Parallax Boe-Bot BASIC Stamp Robot

Please consult the Parallax Inc web site for detailed setup instructions or Click Here to open a new browser containing the Boe-Bot Setup PDF (you must be connected to the Internet for this link to work). A brief summary of the steps required is given below:

  1. Download the BasicStamp II code file that works with Microsoft Robotics Studio services to the Boe-Bot using a serial port and the BasicStamp Editor available from the parallax web site. To download the zipped file, Click Here.
  2. Establish a bluetooth connection between your PC and Boe-Bot:
    Turn the Boe-Bot on, then use the Bluetooth wizard or control panel applet to pair it with your PC using 0000 as the Bluetooth PIN code.
  3. Check the COM port assigned on the eb500 device that should now appear in your Bluetooth devices. Use that com port to update the <ComPort></ComPort> XML element in the config file located at samples\config\Parallax.BoeBot.Config.xml.
  4. Run Robotics Tutorial 4 with the appropriate manifest to try out the Boe-Bot.
  5. Execute the following command line from a Microsoft Robotics Studio Command Prompt:
    dsshost -p:50000 -t:50001 -m:"samples\config\Parallax.BoeBot.manifest.xml" 

Please check the DssHost console window for any failure messages. If the bluetooth connection could not be established, the Boe-Bot Microsoft Robotics Studio services will not start.



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