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Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004/2006 SDK

The FPCLdapServer object represents a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server that ISA Server computers belonging to a workgroup can use for authenticating domain users. (This object is introduced in ISA Server 2006.)

When Active Directory® directory service authentication is required and the ISA Server computer belongs to a workgroup or to a domain in a forest other than the one that contains the user's account, the ISA Server computer must connect to a domain controller over an LDAP protocol (LDAP, LDAPS, LDAP-GC, and LDAPS-GC are supported) to authenticate the user, and the domain controller acts as an LDAP server. Because each domain controller is only able to authenticate the users in its domain, ISA Server by default queries the global catalog for the forest to validate the user's credentials. The user must enter credentials recognized by Active Directory in one of these formats:

  • SAM account name (domain\username)
  • User principal name (username@domain.com)
  • Distinguished name

When an LDAP user supplies a user name in one of these formats (for example, contoso\stephanie or stephanie@contoso.com), ISA Server tests the logon string patterns defined in the FPCLdapMatchingPatterns collection to find a pattern that matches the user name supplied by the user. When a match is found, ISA Server attempts to establish a connection with an LDAP server defined in the LDAP server set (FPCLdapServersSet collection) associated with the matching logon string pattern in the order defined by the collection of logon string patterns using the credentials specified in the Credentials property of this LDAP server set, and after a connection with an LDAP server is established, ISA Server sends a query to validate the user using the credentials supplied by the user. If no matching logon string pattern is found, authentication fails.

The FPCLdapServer object is an element of an FPCLdapServersSet collection, and a new object representing an LDAP server can be created by calling the Add method of this collection.

Click here to see the ISA Server object hierarchy.


This object inherits from the FPCPersist object, which contains methods and properties related to the persistent storage of an object's data. They include methods for exporting an object's data to and importing it from XML documents.


The FPCLdapServer object does not define any methods.


The FPCLdapServer object has the following properties.

Property Description
ConnectionTimeout Gets or sets the amount of time, in seconds, that ISA Server will wait for a response from the LDAP server before trying the next LDAP server.
Description Gets or sets the description of the LDAP server.
IsGlobalCatalog Gets or sets a Boolean value that indicates whether ISA Server may query the global catalog on the LDAP server.
Name Gets or sets the name of the LDAP server.
Order Gets the ordinal position of the LDAP server in the LDAP servers set, which corresponds to the order in which the LDAP servers handle an authentication request.
SecureConnection Gets or sets a Boolean value that indicates whether a secure (SSL) connection with the LDAP server is required.

Methods Inherited from FPCPersist

Name Description
CancelWaitForChanges Cancels the registration established by the WaitForChanges method (for use in C and C++ programming only).
CanImport Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the object's properties can be imported from the specified XML document.
Export Writes the stored values of all of the object's properties to the specified XML document.
ExportToFile Writes the stored values of all of the object's properties to the specified XML file.
GetServiceRestartMask Retrieves a 32-bit bitmask of the FpcServices enumerated type that specifies which services need to be restarted for currently unsaved changes to take effect.
Import Copies the values of all of the object's properties from the specified XML document to persistent storage.
ImportFromFile Copies the values of all of the object's properties from the specified XML file to persistent storage.
LoadDocProperties Provides the XML document's properties so that you can know what information can be imported from the document.
Refresh Reads the values of all of the object's properties from persistent storage, overwriting any changes that have not been saved.
Save Writes the current values of all of the object's properties to persistent storage.
WaitForChanges Registers to wait for an event indicating that the contents of the object have changed (for use in C and C++ programming only).

Properties Inherited from FPCPersist

Name Description
PersistentName Gets the persistent name of the object. The persistent name of an object is a name that is unique for the object at the respective level of the COM object hierarchy.
VendorParametersSets Gets an FPCVendorParametersSets object that can hold sets of custom data for extending the object.

Interfaces for C++ Programming

This object implements the IFPCLdapServer interface.


Client Requires Windows XP.
Server Requires Windows Server 2003.
Version Requires Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006.

Declared in Msfpccom.idl.

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