How to: Retrieve Information As Read-Only

How to: Retrieve Information As Read-Only


When you do not intend to change the data, you can increase the performance of queries by seeking read-only results.

You implement read-only processing by setting ObjectTrackingEnabled to false.


When ObjectTrackingEnabled is set to false, DeferredLoadingEnabled is implicitly set to false.


The following code retrieves a read-only collection of employee hire dates.

Northwnd db = new Northwnd(@"c:\northwnd.mdf");

db.ObjectTrackingEnabled = false;
IOrderedQueryable<Employee> hireQuery =
    from emp in db.Employees
    orderby emp.HireDate
    select emp;

foreach (Employee empObj in hireQuery)
    Console.WriteLine("EmpID = {0}, Date Hired = {1}",
        empObj.EmployeeID, empObj.HireDate);
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