Retrieves a pointer to the internal COM object for a given CFileDialog.

IFileDialogCustomize* GetIFileDialogCustomize();

The pointer to the internal COM object for the CFileDialog. It is your responsibility to release this pointer appropriately.

Use this function only under Windows Vista with an object that has bVistaStyle set to true. If you use this function when bVistaStyle is false, it will return NULL in release mode and throw an assertion in debug mode.

For more information about the IFileDialogCustomize interface, see IFileDialogCustomize.

This example retrieves the internal COM object. To run this code example, you must compile it under Windows Vista.

// Get the interface pointer
IFileDialogCustomize * customDlgPtr = m_myFileDialogPtr->GetIFileDialogCustomize();

// Make sure that it is not null 
if ( customDlgPtr != NULL )
    // Perform any interface functionality here 

    // Release the pointer

Minimum required operating system: Windows Vista

Header: afxdlgs.h