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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Displays a balloon tip that is associated with the current edit control.

BOOL ShowBalloonTip(
     PEDITBALLOONTIP pEditBalloonTip
BOOL ShowBalloonTip(
     LPCWSTR lpszTitle, 
     LPCWSTR lpszText, 
     INT ttiIcon = TTI_NONE



[in] pEditBalloonTip

Pointer to an EDITBALLOONTIP structure that describes the balloon tip.

[in] lpszTitle

Pointer to a Unicode string that contains the title of the balloon tip.

[in] lpszText

Pointer to a Unicode string that contains the balloon tip text.

[in] ttiIcon

An INT that specifies the type of icon to associate with the balloon tip. The default value is TTI_NONE. For more information, see the ttiIcon member of the EDITBALLOONTIP structure.

true if this method is successful; otherwise, false.

This function sends the EM_SHOWBALLOONTIP message, which is described in the Windows SDK. For more information, see the Edit_ShowBalloonTip macro.

The following code example defines a variable, m_cedit, that is used to access the current edit control. This variable is used in the next example.

	// Variable to access the edit control.
	CEdit m_cedit;

The following code example displays a balloon tip for an edit control. The CEdit::ShowBalloonTip method specifies a title and balloon tip text.

		_T("CEdit Balloon Tip"),	// title
		_T("Here's a tip!"),		// text

Header: afxwin.h

This control is supported in Windows XP and later.

Additional requirements for this method are described in Build Requirements for Windows Vista Common Controls.