Working with Folders


The T:Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.MAPIFolder class contains the methods and properties you use to access, create, and customize folders.

Search for strings in the subject field of messages in the Inbox.How to: Programmatically Search Within a Specific Folder
Get a reference to a folder and display the contents.How to: Programmatically Retrieve a Folder by Name
Create a folder that displays a Web page in the Preview pane.How to: Programmatically Associate a Web Page with an Outlook Folder
Create a folder that has the current user ID for a name.How to: Programmatically Create Custom Folder Items
Move messages that match certain criteria to a specified folder.How to: Programmatically Move Items in Outlook

For more information about Outlook tasks and the Outlook object model, see Outlook Object Model Overview.

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