Targeting a Specific .NET Framework Version or Profile

In Visual Studio, you can specify the version or profile of the .NET Framework that you want your project to target. For an application to run on another computer, the Framework version that the application targets must be compatible with the Framework version that is installed on the computer.

A .NET Framework profile is a subset of the .NET Framework that provides a limited set of libraries and features. An example of a Framework profile is a client profile that can be used for creating client applications. Applications that target a profile can run on the corresponding full Framework. For example, an application that targets the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile can run on a computer that has the .NET Framework 4 installed. For more information about the Client Profile, see .NET Framework Client Profile.

This section contains topics that describe how to target specific versions of the .NET Framework in your projects.

Visual Studio Multi-Targeting Overview

Provides an overview of the new multi-targeting features in Visual Studio.

How to: Target a Version of the .NET Framework

Details how to specify a particular .NET Framework for your project.

.NET Framework Multi-Targeting for ASP.NET Web Projects

Explains how to use this version of Visual Studio to develop Web applications that run under earlier versions of the .NET Framework.

.NET Framework Client Profile

Contains information about the .NET Framework Client Profile, which is a subset of the full .NET Framework library.

Solutions and Projects

Contains information about the best ways to create and manage solutions and projects. Also contains information about miscellaneous files, and storage-based and reference-based projects.

Application Page, Project Designer (C#)

Describes the Target Framework control in the Project Designer for Visual C# projects.

Application Page, Project Designer (Visual Basic)

Describes the Target Framework control in the Project Designer for Visual Basic projects.

How to: Modify the Target Framework and Platform Toolset

Describes how to change settings for Visual C++ projects to target different tools and versions of the .NET Framework.