This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


The framework calls this member function one time after the affected window exits a moving or sizing modal loop.

afx_msg void OnExitSizeMove();

This method receives the WM_EXITSIZEMOVE notification, which is described in the Windows SDK.

A window enters a moving or sizing modal loop when the user clicks the window's title bar or sizing border, or when the window passes the WM_SYSCOMMAND message to the CWnd::DefWindowProc function and the wParam parameter of that message specifies SC_MOVE or SC_SIZE.

Note Note

This member function is called by the framework to allow your application to handle a Windows message. The parameters passed to your function reflect the parameters received by the framework when the message was received. If you call the base-class implementation of this function, that implementation will use the parameters originally passed with the message and not the parameters you supply to the function.

Header: afxwin.h

This method is supported in Windows Vista and later.

Additional requirements for this method are described in Build Requirements for Windows Vista Common Controls.