Visual Studio IDE and Tools Support for LINQ

Visual Studio IDE and Tools Support for LINQ

The Visual Studio 2010 integrated development environment (IDE) provides the following features that support LINQ application development:

The Object Relational Designer is a visual design tool that you can use in LINQ to SQL applications to generate classes in C# or Visual Basic that represent the relational data in an underlying database. For more information, see Object Relational Designer (O/R Designer).

SQLMetal is a command-line tool that can be used in build processes to generate classes from existing databases for use in LINQ to SQL applications. For more information, see SqlMetal.exe (Code Generation Tool).

Both the C# and Visual Basic code editors support LINQ extensively with new IntelliSense and formatting capabilities. For more information, see What's New in Visual C# 2010 and What's New in Visual Basic 2010.

The Visual Studio debugger supports debugging of query expressions. For more information, see Debugging LINQ.

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