Sys.Services ProfileService path Property

Gets or sets the profile service path.

Note Note

To get or set property values for client API properties, you must call property accessor methods that are named with the get_ and set_ prefixes. For example, to get or set a value for a property such as cancel, you call the get_cancel or set_cancel methods.

var profPath = Sys.Services.ProfileService.get_path();




A string that contains the profile service path.

By default, the path property is set to an empty string. If you do not set the path property, the internal default path is used, which points to the built-in profile service.

Note Note

The built-in profile service cannot be moved to a different location in the ASP.NET application. However, you can point to a custom Web service that exposes the same methods and properties as the default profile service.

You usually set the path property in declarative markup. This value can be an absolute virtual path, a relative virtual path, or a fully qualified domain name and a path. The following example shows how to set the path property declaratively.

    Path = "~/myapp/profserviceurl.asmx"/>

The following example shows how to use the path property. This code is part of a complete example found in the Sys.Services.ProfileService class overview.

// Get the profile service path
var path = Sys.Services.ProfileService.get_path();