Sys.Application.init Event

Raised after all scripts have been loaded but before objects are created.



The delegate function to bind or unbind from the init event.

Attach delegate functions to the init event to complete tasks that must be performed before objects are created. The add_init accessor binds a delegate function to the init event, and the remove_init accessor unbinds it.

The following example shows how to add a handler to the init event. The event handler adds two custom controls to the page.

// Attach a handler to the init event.

function applicationInitHandler() {
    // Add two custom controls to the application.
    $create(Demo.HoverButton, {text: 'A HoverButton Control'}, 
        {click: start, hover: doSomethingOnHover, 
        unhover: doSomethingOnUnHover},
        null, $get('Button1'));
    $create(Demo.HighVis, null, null, null, $get('Button2'));