LINQ to XML Programming Overview

LINQ to XML Programming Overview


These topics provide high-level overview information about the LINQ to XML classes, as well as detailed information about three of the most important classes. 



Functional vs. Procedural Programming (LINQ to XML)

Provides a high level view of the two principle approaches to writing LINQ to XML applications.

LINQ to XML Classes Overview

Provides an overview of the LINQ to XML classes.

XElement Class Overview

Introduces the XElement class, which represents XML elements. XElement is one of the fundamental classes in the LINQ to XML class hierarchy.

XAttribute Class Overview

Introduces the XAttribute class, which represents XML attributes.

XDocument Class Overview

Introduces the XDocument class, which represents XML documents.

How to: Build LINQ to XML Examples

Contains the Using directives and Imports statements that are required to build the LINQ to XML examples.

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