Name (Association SSDL)

.NET Framework 3.5

In the Entity Data Model (EDM), an Association definition in store schema definition language (SSDL) includes a Name attribute that identifies the type in the object model being designed and in the mapping specification.

The following declaration from the Human Resources partition of the Adventure Works model shows the Employee entity declaration. The Name attribute is assigned: Name="FK_Employee_Employee_ManagerID". This association is between Employee entities. One of the Employee entities is designated as manager. The naming convention used here indicates that the association is based on the ManagerID foreign key in the Employee table in the database.

  <Association Name="FK_Employee_Employee_ManagerID">
    <End Role="Employee" Type="Adventureworks.Store.Employee" Multiplicity="0..1" />
    <End Role="Employee1" Type="Adventureworks.Store.Employee" Multiplicity="*" />
      <Principal Role="Employee">
        <PropertyRef Name="EmployeeID" />
      <Dependent Role="Employee1">
        <PropertyRef Name="ManagerID" />

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