AJAX Server Controls

Visual Studio 2010

The topics in this section describe how to work with ASP.NET Web server controls that enable you to add AJAX functionality to an ASP.NET Web page. AJAX functionality includes refreshing parts of a page with a partial-page update and therefore avoiding a full-page postback.

ScriptManager Control Overview

Manages client script for AJAX-enabled ASP.NET pages. By default, the ScriptManager control registers the script for the Microsoft AJAX Library with the page. This enables client script to use the ASP.NET AJAX type system extensions and to support features such as partial-page rendering and Web-service calls.

Timer Control Overview

Performs postbacks at defined intervals. If you use the Timer control with an UpdatePanel control, you can enable partial-page updates at a defined interval. You can also use the Timer control to post the whole page.

UpdatePanel Control Overview

Enables you to refresh selected parts of the page instead of refreshing the whole page with a postback. An ASP.NET Web page that contains a ScriptManager control and one or more UpdatePanel controls can automatically participate in partial-page updates, without custom client script.

UpdateProgress Control Overview

Enables you to provide status information about partial-page updates in UpdatePanel controls.