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Add Service Reference Dialog Box

Add Service Reference Dialog Box

The Add Service Reference dialog box enables you to add references to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services and ADO.NET Data Services.

If you know the address where the service is hosted, enter the URL in the Address field and then click Go to return a list of available services.


You should only reference services from a trusted source. Adding references from an untrusted source may compromise security.

To add a reference to a service that is contained in your solution, click Discover.


Enter the Web address where a service is hosted.


Initiates a search for services at the specified Address.


Initiates a search for services that are contained in the current solution.


Additional options for the Discover list may be available if they are enabled by add-ins.


Displays an expandable list of services that are found at the selected Web address or in the solution. Each service might contain multiple service contracts and/or endpoints.


Displays a list of operations that are available for each service contract.


Contains the default namespace for the service. You can accept the default or change the namespace for your solution.


Displays the Configure Service Reference Dialog Box.

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