utility (STL/CLR)


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Include the STL/CLR header <cliext/utility> to define the template class pair and several supporting template functions.

#include <utility>  

pair (STL/CLR)Wrap a pair of elements.
operator== (pair) (STL/CLR)Pair equal comparison.
operator!= (pair) (STL/CLR)Pair not equal comparison.
operator< (pair) (STL/CLR)Pair less than comparison.
operator<= (pair) (STL/CLR)Pair less than or equal comparison.
operator> (pair) (STL/CLR)Pair greater than comparison.
operator>= (pair) (STL/CLR)Pair greater than or equal comparison.
make_pair (STL/CLR)Make a pair from a pair of values.

Header: <cliext/utility>

Namespace: cliext

STL/CLR Library Reference