This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Modifying Database Projects

Visual Studio 2005

After you create the database project, you might want to further customize it to support specific requirements. This section contains topics that describe how you open existing projects, synchronize with changes on the target server, and work with references to other databases.

In This Section

How to: Open a Database Project

Describes how to open a database project.

How to: Import Updates from a Database into the Database Project

Describes how to resynchronize the database project with the existing database after changes are made to the database, instead of synchronizing to the database project under version control.

How to: Add Existing Items to a Database Project

Describes how to add existing files to the database project.

How to: Exclude Files from a Database Project

Describes how to temporarily exclude files from the database project so that they do not appear in the build script.

How to: Change the Target Database Version

Describes how to specify whether you are targeting a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2000 database for your project.

Overview of Cross-Database References

Provides an overview about how to define and use references to other databases and servers from your database project.

How to: Create Cross-Database References

Describes the process for adding a reference to an object in another database, defining related variables, and defining database objects in terms of those variables.

Related Sections

Working with Database Objects

Provides an overview of the tasks that you can perform to work with database objects such as tables, views, and stored procedures.

How to: Create a Database Object

Describes how to add a database object to your database project.

How to: Modify Database Objects

Describes how to update a database object definition in your database project.

Working with Database Scripts

Contains topics that give you information about how you can add deployment or management scripts to your database project.

Terminology Overview of Team Edition for Database Professionals

Defines terms used in Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals.