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Working with Workbooks

Working with Workbooks

The Workbook and Workbooks class contains the methods and properties you use to perform tasks with workbooks.



Create a new workbook.

How to: Programmatically Create New Workbooks

Open a specified workbook.

How to: Programmatically Open Workbooks

Close a specified workbook and save changes.

How to: Programmatically Close Workbooks

Save workbooks in Excel formats or XML format.

How to: Programmatically Save Workbooks

Bring the focus to the current workbook or a different workbook.

How to: Programmatically Protect Workbooks

Get a collection of recently used workbook files.

How to: Programmatically List Recently Used Workbook Files

Open text files as workbooks.

How to: Programmatically Open Text Files as Workbooks

For more information about Excel tasks and the Excel object model, see Excel Object Model Overview.

In some cases, the ways that you perform these tasks in application-level add-ins is different from the ways that you perform them in document-level customizations.

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